From Family Business to Investment Firm

In the beginning, Heritage started as an owner and manager of residential garden apartments in New Jersey. By the 1980’s, the firm owned more than 7,000 residential apartments, and was one of the leading owners of residential real estate in the State. With its success firmly rooted in the residential market, Heritage capitalized on growing opportunities in the commercial real estate market throughout the US. The firm embarked on investments in a diversity of commercial properties types, growing rapidly over the next two decades as an investor in office, industrial and retail properties totaling more than 6 million sq. ft. in more than 20 states in the US.

The family business transformed into a solid, progressive company comprised of in-house, leasing, property management, construction, asset management, capital markets and acquisition specialists. Founded by the latest generation of Greenberg family members, Jeffrey Greenberg and Steven Greenberg, Heritage Capital Group, LLC. focuses on acquiring properties, serving as the investment arm of the larger, overall real estate organization, Heritage Management Company.

Heritage Capital Group, LLC. specializes in identifying, acquiring opportunistic assets in primary, secondary and tertiary markets and repositioning properties, resulting in significant enhanced values and ROI for investors. Heritage Management Company focuses on servicing the assets of the firm, providing leasing, management, construction and other real estate services for tenants and clients.



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